MILESTONE 3: Description of the key requirements (needs) per driving impairment in A1.1.

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This Milestone document, “Description of the key requirements (needs) per driving impairment in A1.1”, aims to provide an overview of the requirements and needs of the project technology to measure each driving impairment and for driving behaviour. This was achieved by reviewing the findings of Milestone document 1, “Analysis of at least 20 recent and relevant literature sources”, in relation to the current project technology, to identify which requirements and needs are satisfied by the technology, and which are not. The review was conducted by the project partners who completed the literature reviews in Milestone document 1, and then checked by the relevant technology partners.

This document starts with a brief introduction (chapter 1) and a description of the methodology used for the review (chapter 2). Chapter 3 contains the results of the review of technology requirements per impairment and for driving behaviour, with the information displayed in table format (tables 1-6).

The results of this document will feed into several activities and work packages (identified in section 1.3) and contribute to Deliverable 1.1 “PANACEA Use Cases”.

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