The PANACEA project was pleased to have been invited to join the European Commission stand at TRA in Dublin in April.
We were able to show the PANACEA system in action – from using alcohol and stress sensors to showing the results in both the driver and operator apps.
We had posters available on the project’s sensors, including the biomathematical fatigue model, the system’s decision-making process and the countermeasures.
Several project partners were invited to present at the conference:
Prof. Ashleigh Filtness, Loughborough University, presented a poster: Influencing Alertness Through Remote Coaching for Professional Drivers
Christer Ahlström,VTI, presented: Next day effects of social drinking on driver fatigue and driving performance
Davide Shingo Usami , CTLup, presented: Improving Professional Drivers’ Behaviour through a Cloudbased Coaching Approach
François Brambati, Deep Blue, presented: A User Centred Validation Methodology for Assessing the Cross Modal Transferability Impact of Technologies