Mid-term review meeting, San Sebastian, December 2022

PANACEA partners came together in December 2022 for the project’s mid-term review. Progress towards all the project deliverables was discussed with PANACEA’s Project Officer and there was also an opportunity to see how DATIK’s fatigue sensor, which will be used in the Use Cases, works in practice. We were pleased that all the project deliverables submitted so far were accepted by the Commission at this meeting. Many thanks to everyone at DATIK for being a great host!

PANACEA research on measuring distraction published

A difficult challenge for today’s driver monitoring systems is the detection of cognitive distraction.

New research, recently published in the journal ‘Sensors’ by members of the PANACEA project team, presents the development of a theory-driven approach for cognitive distraction detection during manual driving based on temporal control theories.

It is based solely on changes in the temporal variance of driving-relevant gaze behavior, such as gazes onto the dashboard (TDGV). Validation of the detection method happened in a field and in a simulator study by letting participants drive, alternating with and without a secondary task inducing external cognitive distraction (auditory continuous performance task).

The general accuracy of the distraction detection method varies between 68% and 81% based on the quality of an individual prerecorded baseline measurement. As a theory-driven system, it represents not only a step towards a sophisticated cognitive distraction detection method, but also explains that changes in temporal dashboard gaze variance (TDGV) are a useful behavioral indicator for detecting cognitive distraction.