Project Deliverables

On this page you will find all the publicly-available PANACEA deliverables and the summaries of the confidential PANACEA deliverables.

Deliverable 2.1 – Operational characteristics and requirements

This document includes several lists with the functional and operational requirements of all the subsystems considered as part of the PANACEA platform, that is to say, on the one hand, the requirements of the sensors and toolkits registering information and, on the other hand, the requirements of the components of the cloud which are needed to carry out the ‘digestion process’, data analysis, as well as the countermeasures release. 

The deliverable 2.1 is confidential. A summary is available.

Deliverable 3.1 – Methodologies for a holistic fitness to drive assessment

This deliverable reports on the work of WP3 during the first 16 months of the project. To this end it presents the types and sources of measurements needed, along with information on how the measurements should be taken, in what conditions, and how often, in order to form a holistic Fitness to Drive assessment (i.e., for off-duty or on-duty assessments, as well as for on-site and roadside assessments).   

The deliverable 3.1 is confidential. A summary is available.

Deliverable 5.1 – Countermeasures for drivers, operators, and enforcement. Content of the cloud-based coaching and support system

This deliverable presents the countermeasures developed for the PANACEA platform and represents the content of the cloud‐based coaching and support system. 

The deliverable 5.1 is confidential. A summary is available.

Deliverable 5.2 – Cloud based coaching and support system (CCS)

The Deliverable 5.2 incorporates the content presented in Deliverable 5.1 and describes the framework, design, development and establishment of the prototype operational cloud-based coaching and support system.

The deliverable 5.2 is confidential. A summary is available.

Deliverable 8.1 – Dissemination and communication plan

The dissemination and communication plan aims to disseminate and communicate the knowledge generated within the project to key stakeholders and the public and to promote the project through a variety of tools with a view to maximizing the expected impact of the project.

It will raise awareness of the potential of the created concepts and technologies and facilitate the transfer of results into products and policies. Synergies and knowledge exchange with relevant initiatives and projects will be ensured throughout the project and a workshop with key stakeholders will be delivered.

Deliverable 9.4 – Data management plan

This deliverable presents the initial version of the Data Management Plan. It serves as the initial plan for the collection, organisation, storing and sharing of the knowledge and data created within the project.

The deliverable 9.4is confidential. A summary is available.